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Traditional+Digital Challenge

Hi dear fellows, I'm here bringin' you an interesting and fun challenge! It contain traditional sketch, inking, marker painting and also Photoshop!! all at once! Ok, so here's the challenge it self 1- sketch on a paper some character, pose, real life thing, your cat, whatever you want and feel that drawing that you will increase your skills (for example an Owl, have you ever drawn an Owl?... did you? why? haha 2- grab your pentel brush, sakura microns or that old brush you got under your bed and some ink, and ink it (just the lineart) 3- erase that pencil sketch, so the ink will be alone and more understandable 4- grab your gray/black regular markers and drop some shadows on it (I use copic most of the time) 5- take a pic (not a selfie, please, stop that) 6- open Photoshop and put some solid colors on it (try different blending modes and opacities to get different aspects) 7- have fun, maybe this had to be the first step, anyway share it here! and let's start upgrading o


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